Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How did I miss the snake?

So the morning of the snake following the win at the Burlington Road Race the guys and I were heading out for a morning spin. I was spinning, or at least trying to spin my cranks backwards to calibrate the powermeter. However the crank was barely rotating. So I quickly took off the cranks and check the bottom bracket. The non drive side bearings were frozen.

It really turned out to not be that big of a deal because after making a few phone calls I found a shop only 2 miles from the course that had what I needed. We headed to the race with time to stop at the shop. I wheeled the bike in and they had the bottom bracket set aside. They whipped out the old one and installed the new one. Their experience in this was a bit low as they were studying the directions step by step. Everything was reinstalled and we headed to the race.

We got our numbers and started to get ready for the race. I spun my crank and noticed that it really didn't feel better at all. I took the crank off and noticed that the same side of the bottom bracket was locked up again. Now what? Well the race was 30 minutes from start time so I knew my day was done. I headed back over to the shop to get it fixed. A new problem would occur. They couldn't get the crank off.

Some how the bolt that holds the crank on had stripped and was just in there spinning. You can't get the crank arm off with out getting the bold off because of the self extracting bolt. The guys at the bike shop had no idea how to get it. So I just left and watched the last 15 laps of the race dreaming of what could have been.

After the race the boys were all about helping me find a way to get the bike fixed for the rest of the week. I noticed that there is a bigger hex bolt that is the ring around the inner bolt. I thought maybe I could find a big allen key to get it off. We all rolled to 3 stores to find one. Finally we went a farmers hardware store and they had exactly what I needed. It happened to be a 16mm hex. I asked the guy if we could just borrow it and after asking his manager it was no problem. We removed the outer ring, and then the inner bold came out. Now to get the crank off.

Back to the bike shop, which had just closed, but they were kind enough to let us back in. We got a new bold put it in and then remove the crank arm to get at the bottom bracket. The mechanic that was looking at it now was a bit stumped why the bearings weren't spinning. He then came up with the idea that the inner shell may have been put in backwards. Sure enough after switching it around it spun smoothly and like new. We installed the crank and the bike was ready to go, only 2hrs after the finish of the race. But with the help and patients of my teammates I would be able to race the last 2 days. 

Breeze On


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