Thursday, May 10, 2012

This past weekend I decided to do a local race at the last minute. I heard about a crit in Illinois, but finally looked into on Thursday and realized it was only 90 miles away. My dad was coming down for the weekend and wanted to go as well so I packed up the van with the wife, kid, and my dad and headed to Urbana, IL.

Once again I got the opportunity to race the double with the Masters 30+ race and the Pro 1,2 race. It really makes the travel more worth it. Instead of an hour crit I get two of them almost for the price of one!

The course was a pretty awesome. It was a short 8 corner course with a small hill. Not to long into the Masters race I got a gap and rolled it hard. My gap shot up and held steady for a while before I was finally at the back of the field with 4 laps to go. I sat just off the back to stay out of the clutter and enjoy the rolling around knowing I was going to win the bike race.

It's been a while since I won a race. I really don't care which one it was, it was just nice to win.

It was also awesome to finally take Madelyn to the top stop of the podium. I absolutely love sharing these moments with her. I know it's not no big fancy race or really that big of a deal, but it is nice getting a little something with all the hard training.

Next was the Pro 1,2 race. After the called the top 10 Illinois riders, a few Panthers, most of Texas Roadhouse and such to the line I was stuck to the back. I'm pretty certain we were hardly 5mins into the race when 2 riders got up the road and a group of 6 chasers were all off the front. Everyone team seemed represented and content to let the race go up the road. I weaseled my way to the front and attacked. Unfortunately I didn't get a gap and ended up pulling the field for a few laps back up to the chasers. One of the guys from behind even told me not to pull it back. I said get off my wheel then. I didn't want to get into the game of trying to attack and everyone from the other teams jumping on and siting on.

So I pulled it back and luckily I did as Birdman had made the group. I told myself that the counter will come after bringing it back and that I will have to make one hard effort to get in the next group, but that will be the race. Well, that never happened. Pretty much from this point forward everyone stopped racing and the two original racers off the front stayed off the front. So this race didn't quite pan out.

One of the highlights of the race day was the post race meal. There was a restaurant on the course and I had a sandwich that had turkey, bacon, avocado, veggies, and goat cheese with a side of sweet potato fries with bbq sauce for dipping. It was freaking fantastic. 

This weekend there are 3 more criteriums in St. Louis around the Tour de Grove. Tomorrow night I don't race till 10pm Eastern Time. I hope I don't fall asleep during my warmup.

Breeze On

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