Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back to work.

A couple of weeks ago I knew I wanted to do the Indy Crit and that I would be around for it. So I checked with the team to see if anyone else wanted to do a nice local criterium in downtown Indianapolis. Frey got those who were game for racing registered as the race grew near. It seemed like everyone else was getting registered as the race grew near. Quickly the small local crit registration was from a nice size field of 40 up to a quality size of 70. Oh but it wasn't done there as it grew to massive size as it went to 100+. The good news is that the course is wide open so it wouldn't be much of an issue, but the bad news was that some  teams would have 10 riders.

The week of training leading into the race went well and I was finally back on a schedule which felt great. I did some sweet spot on Tuesday, a short endurance ride on Wednesday, followed that up with a few Vo2 efforts on Thursday and did a light spin on Friday. Wednesday was the first day that I started to feel normal again as the heat this summer has been brutal. I did an easy morning spin the morning of the race and then later in the afternoon cruised to downtown for the race. I made perfect timing as the family arrived at the same time so I changed to my race wheels, got my number, pinned my number and removed my frame pump after my old Marian teammate Kristin reminded me. It wouldn't have been the first time I raced with one.

The race went fairly well. I started the race winning move by attacking and taking one Nuvo Bissell rider with me. It was Mac who is riding really well. He is a super strong and bigger guy which made for a good draft. A few laps later we were caught by a few riders and then a couple more. Soon there seemed to be quite a few Nuvo Bissell riders in the break and everyone stopped working. Soon it turned into covering moves to not miss a winning break. Luckily after doing that to many times Brandon appeared out of no where and said he'd get the next ones. I made my way to the back of the break to finally get an idea of who was there, how far back the break was, take a drink and a breather. As I thought all the strong guys made the move with 4-5 Nuvo Bissell guys, Birdman with a teammate, 3 RGF guys, Davo, Liebo, and a couple others.

It wasn't much later after I went to the back that Mac attacked for a prime and was riding solo. Everyone continued to goof off in the break and wait to see if someone else would pull them around so they could win. Quickly the officials showed us 5 laps to go after only 60 minutes of racing in the 75 minute event and the chase was on. I told Brandon to sit on with everyone else and I would try help chase down. I was up there with a Roadhouse guy, an RGF guy and with two to go Davo joined in. Davo took a monster pull into the bell lap and then I continued it into a half lap to go when Birdman jumped. Nobody responded quickly enough as he held on for second nipping at the wheels of the lone chaser and everyone else sprinted it out for 3rd. Brandon ended up finishing in 5th. I tried to get him in the position where he could have won the race. We got close, but need a bit more time or a little more help from the others just hoping someone else would do the work for them.

After the race we headed to a Bru Burger on Mass Ave. I've never been there before and can't wait to go back. It was delicious. I had a Pacific Rim Burger which has shrimp, pineapple and guacamole. I either thought it was a race or was really hunger as I had my burger finished off before I even noticed my wife hadn't received her dinner yet. Oops.

This morning Matt got up early to meet me for a ride, which also meant I had to get up early. We talked about doing 2hrs together but after 40mins of riding at the same average watts of his 45min race the previous day he said his feelings wouldn't be hurt if the ride came up short of 2hrs. We rolled back to my place and I filled up with water and headed back out for another boiling 90degree ride. I was lucky enough to get back just as the wife was so I was able to help carry the groceries up the stairs. In need of sweet relief Madelyn and I got our swim wear and floaties on and headed to the pool.

Next weekend starts the RAGBRAI. I am doing the ride with my dad and Will. We've been looking forward to this one ever since he finished the ride last year. It sounds like an 8 day Hilly Hundred that is 100 times bigger with much more going on.

Breeze On