Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finally a bit of down time. I think I've raced every weekend since late March in Florida up until two weeks ago in Ohio.

Two weeks ago was one of my favorite 3 criterium weekend, if there is such a thing,  with Madeira, Hyde Park, and Grandview.

Madeira is not the greatest course with it having two 180degree corners, you cross a set of railroad tracks twice, and it gets really dark on course by the time the finish rolls around, but I guess those are also all the things that make it exciting. Once again I found myself on the ground after running into a guy who slid out on one of the 180's and that was with 8 laps to go. By the time I got pushed back into the back there wasn't much time to move up.

Hyde Park is awesome because I really enjoy the course and the atmosphere. It has one wide 180, followed by a good length straight, a sharp left up a hill which is lined by spectators, a easy right and quick right back downhill into a fast right onto the home straight which is long and fast. I worked my way to the front after being called to the line at the back and tried to make a few moves, but once again it was the one after mine that went and was the break of the day.

Grandview is a challenging course with a long uphill drag and rolling downhill section. By the time I found myself at the front again I attacked. I ended up by myself hoping that some guys would come across. After 8 laps solo a group did come up, but it was quickly followed by the remaining field. Then things got really serious and again and a split went and after spending a few bullets I hadn't quit recovered enough to make it.

But the best part of the weekend was having my family there. Not only was my wife and daughter there but so were my in-laws, my dad and our friend Mr. Murphy who came down from Michigan with my dad. I love having a cheering sections at the race and good company like family and friends at dinner after the races.

After the weekend I took a quick mid-season break with a small amount of easy riding. Although with the heat sometimes it didn't feel as easy as it should have been. So glad the triple digits are finally gone. One nice thing about living in the apartment is the access to the pool for a quick dip after these hot rides.

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