Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So one of the few upsides to riding out in the farmlands of Indiana is that you can see any changes in weather. Most of the year my time is spent trying to avoid the weather, however today with continuation of sweltering 2012 I was trying to ride towards the rain clouds. I failed miserably and instead of rain I spent most of the day bathed in sunshine. The wife even called as she was driving and asked if I wanted her to pick me up as she was spotting lightning in the distance. I responded I don't see any, but wish I could get to the many rainy areas I could see.

One more ride out in Indiana and then it's off to Iowa for RAGBRAI. If I think there are some flat open areas here I can't wait to see what Iowa has. At least there will be over 8,000 other cyclist to keep things exciting. I'm pretty certain though that I will be more annoyed by the 5km mark then anything. I saw more riders then I have in long time riding around here on Sunday and I got really annoyed when I had to slow up around a corner for one and another one started drafting me. I'm certain non of that will happen all next week.

Hopefully there will be some good stories, pics, and videos to come from it. I'm pretty excited about spending the week with my Dad and Will. They will keep things interesting.

Here are some pics from the Indy Crit. Photo Credit goes to Jeff Liebovitz.

Breeze On


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