Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This past weekend I had my first true experience as being a team director. I was giving a budget and had to get 5 team members to McAllen, TX for the 5th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Ride which we were invited to attend back in June.

For those that don't know, and that I now know McAllen is as far south as you can get in Texas and there is no easy way to get there. The best situation I found was to have everyone fly into Zach's hometown of Austin, TX while I drove the van down and met them there.

When I finally arrived home and put the van in park it just so happen I went a half mile over 3000 miles for the trip.

I left plenty early which gave me time to ride on the way down, stop early one night and have over half a day in Austin to ride and chill. I arrived at Zach's house, but as he was busy in the afternoon I took to the streets of Dripping Springs, TX, gateway to the hills, and went for a ride.

The following morning we picked up the others from the aiport and headed to the bottom of the United States. Not much down this way, which makes it easier to make the speed limits like everything in Texas, BIGGER.

We arrived to our awesome hotel which was across the street from the start of the ride the following day. The ride started early and unfortunelty it was the coldest day down there in forever. Every local kept telling us it's never like this down there. Quite frankly we were all pretty lucky we brought enough close because who would have thought.

The ride went really well. We did 60 miles. The first 20mile lap was pretty chill with us just cruising and talking to everyone. We had to stop for a bathroom break after that as we ate breakfast basically minutes before the ride and hadn't had time before. So this gave us our first opportunity to team bond for next season as we would pace line back up to the group. To bad we caught up so quickly, but I also think this brought out some juices as we continued to pick up the pace occasionally. Nothing got crazy, but we all must be well rested after a long season because it seems everyone is ready to race even though we are over 4 months out.

After the ride we loaded up the van and headed back to Austin. I quickly dropped everyone off and kept heading for home. This time I didn't stop for any riding as I was just trying to get home quickly. Sunday was a good day for driving with all the football games on our Satellite Radio. It was made even better with the Lions pulling out another win.

So my first weekend in charge was a success. Everyone made it there and back. Our presence at the event was appreciated and we loved being there. 

Breeze On