Monday, January 21, 2013

This diagram could not describe my life any better

Breeze On

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finally been able to get some more consistent riding in the last week and a half. It's been a pretty challenging holiday season. Besides the obvious reasons of multiple Christmas parties and a couple birthday parties squeezed in (including one for my now 3 year old daughter), there has been a swath of multiple snow storms,  sub freezing high temperatures and a possible broken toe.

I'm sure you all are wonder about the toe. Well Madelyn had started to cry during the middle of the night so I went to check on her and while getting back in bed I rammed my foot into a brick that is holding up one leg on our bed. Of course Matt as caring as he is heard the story and sent a link to Pottery Barn or whatever for the proper bed frame peg. What a guy! Well the toe become swollen and turned all kinds of colors, it took a couple of days before I could even walk normal.

Once I was ready to go the weather wasn't. I stuck to do some riding indoors. I broke out some old bike racing DVD's to help pass the time. The funny thing is here I am watching races from the early 2000's and they are riding racing the same bike I happen to be still riding. It doesn't feel like it's been 10 years.

Well I was eventually able to get back outside riding and last week we had a couple of beautiful winter days including one day in the 60's! There was a day or two of rain, but either really early or late, but it all added into clearing the snow out.
Here is a pic from a ride in the Indiana hills before all the snow as gone.

 So everything is back to status quo at the moment. Temperatures are in the 30's and there is no snow on the ground. Very doable. I only have to make it through 8 more weeks, then it's off to team training camp for 2 weeks and some time in Florida.

Breeze On

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

More rollers today. Actually finally decided to ride them for real. Woke up today to single digit temperatures. I feel like I'm on the Birdman's training plan with all this indoor riding. Of course he's the one laughing at me because he's bathing in sunshine down in Florida. Hopefully I can get back outside tomorrow for the first time since Christmas.

Tonight I got to go with my Father and Brother in laws to the Butler Basketball. There weren't playing any powerhouse team but Penn did put up a good fight keeping it between 4-8 points for most of the game. But they finally separated themselves in the final 3 minutes. This was my second Butler game.