Saturday, March 23, 2013

Team training camp took to part two in Clermont, Florida. Luckily this was a short drive after the races on the weekend. Just a mere 90minutes in the car after fueling up on Olive Garden. 

What? HIills in Florida? Who knew? If I hadn't already been here for Kenda training camp I wouldn't have believed it. 

We got settled in nicely to our new hotel quickly. The accommodation once again were outstanding and the staff was terrific. They had hot water and coffee all day/night and they would even hook us up with some hot chocolate, which I really like. 

Part of the French Bakery display case. Full of everything you could every want. 

Monday we went for a recovery spin one of the many bike paths. We rode to a nearby town, and ended up at a French Bakery. Not quite the place I'd like to be while trying to give up sweets for lent. It was like a sweet tooth's dream. I made it out with a croissant, which reminded me of my days in Belgium. 

Tuesday it was back to work as we rolled out some miles. With the small amount of climbing around here and a steady pace we were able to cover a lot of km's in a small amount of time. We would average around 36km (22mph) for our 3 long days. The other thing we were introduced to was the heat. Tuesday was over 85 degrees and the northern boys from Canada, Ireland, and England were roasting. My ghostly white roomate Ryan got a slight burn even after layer with sunblock. 

Stopping at a watering hole to fill up some bottles. Easy to drink when it's nearly 90

Wednesday we rolled out together again. This time Anthony was going to roll on his TT bike for while which Andy fixed up for him the previous day and said he was, "Good to go." Well we didn't get 500 meters before he pulled the rear wheel out of the drop out. Then we hit a downhill that was less then a mile for the hotel and it wouldn't go into the big ring. A few miles later he realized that the wheel then was rubbing the frame. As we stopped for him to look over, Andy realized that his rear wheel was out of whack from the crash and the hub was completely loose. "Good to go." Right. So Anthony, Andy, and Matt turned around just leaving Ryan and I. 

Ryan and I out for a ride. 

Well I ended up doing a Jake ride, including some intervals and when Ryan got back he fell to the floor and said, "Screw you guys" to the others referring to how we was left alone with me. It really reminded me of the good days with Birdman. He just needs to do what Chad did the other day and take me out for a sprint workout for a little pay back. 

Thursday we did a more chill endurance ride which I believe everyone was up for. He ended up on an awesome railtrail that goes for miles uninterrupted by crossroads, turns, or even the slightest elevation. The only two things to slow us up were the huge snake and the middle of the path, and the even bigger alligator. 

Out on the bike path that goes on for miles. Pretty sweet for parts of  it. 

Finishing up the last long ride on Thursday. After a bit of an easier day the guys were in good spirits. Also who wouldn't enjoy the weather and view knowing it was or going to be snowing back at home. 

Friday I went out super early solo to do a recovery ride so I could get back in time to watch the Semi Classic, do some laundry and pack up for our noon departure. The others slept in a bit and went out late. I questioned whether or not they would be ready to go for a noon depature, but they weren't that late. We were on the road maybe 15minutes late. I was surprised as they rolled out for a ride around 10:15. 

Once loaded up we headed to take our talents to south beach. Well not quite, just to Delray Beach where we will be doing two more crits before driving back up to what should be the great white north when we arrive. Yuck.

Breeze On