Thursday, March 07, 2013

Things are coming together fast and furious. Hopefully I'm ready for the season to start because whether or  not here it comes. 

Monday thru Wednesday I still was not feeling that great. I was waking up in the morning with, well let's just say even the wife was uncomfortable around me. I had to take some more time off the bike, but finally as of last night and all of today I feel normal. Just in time to head off to camp and do a huge block of training.

Monday a huge shipment of GU showed up at my apartment. Thanks to my good friend Adam who also wen to Marian helped us get set up with GU which makes an excellent range of energy products. We are so happy to be working with them this year. I spent that night and the next sorting through the boxes, packing things for camp, and sorting some out for Redlands. They have really hooked us up. I'm really looking forward to the Peanut Butter GU.

Tuesday night another delivery came. This one I did not order or want. We got 4-5inches of the white stuff. The only good thing about being sick was that I wasn't forced to ride out there or on the rollers. It's March and I've had enough. My family however had fun out in the snow. I enjoyed it from the inside.

Wednesday I picked up the team van that I had dropped off to be wrapped. Last year it was just plain white, but this year we are going to be rolling in style. I don't know what Madelyn will call the van any more as she would always refer to it as the white car.

As soon as it finished I picked it up and drove straight to Chicago. I had to go pick up some team bikes and a teammate. Our bikes this year are Fujis. More on that later. I also had to pick up my teammate Matt Green who flew in from England. He will be staying with us this season. More on that later.

Today I spent much of the day figure out my new bike and trying to get things dialed in. I even got to take it for a spin when I finally got it set up. To bad that was inside on the rollers. More details on the bike to come after I get to take it for a proper ride. Good thing about riding it indoors was that I could make some quick adjustments to the fit. I think I have it down now.

Leaving for camp in Greenville on Saturday morning at 6am. I'm getting really excited.

Breeze On

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