Monday, March 04, 2013

Well I finally started feeling better later Friday afternoon. Not much though. It was still a struggle to eat with out feeling bloated. I was trying to get Chad to do a race in Ohio with me before getting sick and on Friday  night he said he was going. So I said sure I'll be good  to go on Sunday. 

On Saturday I went for a couple hour ride and felt pretty decent, so I decided that I would go on with the race. I still wasn't eating much and only ate dinner that night. That night I also packed up and got my trusted steed ready to race. After all the bikes I have had over the past 8 years (maybe 16ish) this is the only bike I currently own. Our new team bikes are on the way, but I really have no complaints about riding/racing the Breezer. 

Sunday morning I got up, packed a breakfast to go and headed out to pick up some of the guys on the way to the race. We loaded up and headed out, after Chad stopped at McDonalds for breakfast. I stuck with my Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and Banana as I still wasn't up to eating much. As we drove conditions seemed to get worse and Chad was getting calls about snow on the course. Did anyone check the weather? Well it turns out there just so happened to be one little snow squall and it was sitting over the area where the race was held. Well about halfway there we got official word that the race was being cancelled. Bummer. We quickly flipped it and head back to sunny Indianapolis. Now what? Chad had ate 2 Egg Mcmuffins and I wanted to ride. 

So we got back to the Fitness Lab in Broad Ripple, kitted up and headed out for a training ride. I am usually completely against riding in the city as it can suck, but knew if I drove home and went inside I would never go out. Chad decided he and Puffer would take Alex, Whitney and myself out to his cementary training loop.  Only good thing about riding out there is that it is pretty dead, compared to the rest of the city. Apparenlty Chad was either really ready to race or wanted to work off those Egg Mcmuffins because he had us doing these horrible hill sprint workouts. 

First one was a minute loop with a 20-30sec and 6-10sec uphill on it. We did that for 15minutes. Of course for a while I would keep the pace up on the dowhill and short flat before Chad would hit the uphill. Chad said we would just go steady, but on the uphill we were easily 600-700watts every time. Easy for someone with a max over 1200, not easy for someone like myself with a max of 1000 (on a good day in a race). After doing that once we rested and he said let's do it again. I was hesitant and he said we could do the longer loop which was 2 minutes and one climb of roughly a minute. We did 10 laps of that. About halfway through I had enough and was going to let up, but just couldn't let them ride way, so I sat beind 20meters for a lap or two before rejoining and picking the pace up again. 

At least my helmet and glasses are new, unlike my bike and jacket. 

Chad wasn't done yet, again 2 Mcmuffins, on the way home he got us doing a paceline. Of course those start nicely, but soon enough pulls at the front go from Tempo, flying by threshold, up into anaerobic capacity. After that I was pretty sure he would be all done. I just got on the front did some jakerpacing to take us home, but just as we are getting close to home Chad, who apparently was really ready to race, attacks us and rides away. He took the last turn on the city group ride towards their finish and was jumping into cars draft to aid in his solo attempt at an unofficial and unannounced race finish for victory. "There goes my hero, watch him as he.." 

Breeze On

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