Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From Redlands to Indy

I had to drop off my teammate off in Iowa and the mechanic off in Chicago which meant taking a northern route. This meant no trip to the Grand Canyon which I was bummed out about, but didn't want any extra time in the van. Then came the weather forecast.

Apparently winter is not over yet and the northern route included the mountains in Utah and Colorado which had Winter Weather Warnings. So we couldn't head the northern route in fear of hitting horrid driving conditions. So we took the long way, which did mean we would be close enough to stop by the Grand Canyon.

So we left sunny southern California and headed up the first pass a few miles into the ride. We were treated with heavy rain on the way up. Over the top it had cleared the temperature had dropped into the 40's and the wind had picked up to over 40mph. We hit I40 heading east with a solid tailwind which came along with getting 29 miles per gallon in the van.

We eventually made our way to the Grand Canyon and of course the day we show up it's cloudy, half of it is covered in clouds with snow falling. We were lucky enough that in did clear up a bit in spots. It is a spectacular view.

We hopped back in the van and continued the drive. That night we came across a nice snow squall. It was pretty intense and you really couldn't see much other then giant snow flakes flying at you.

We stopped late, but I managed to get early for a cold morning ride on route 66. For that brief hour it was a pretty nice ride. It made the drive that day feel just a bit better. For the drive my goal was to get all the way to Des Moines, Iowa. But it we fell short  by about an hour. We did run into a mass of thudnerstorms for the last 2-3hrs of the drive which slowed us down. Hydroplaning in the van isn't to much fun.

We woke up the next morning early again to get the drive finished up and try to make it to Indy before dinner. There was no riding in the morning. It was rather chilly and wet, not a good combo, especially when you are staring 8+hrs of driving in the face.

Luckily this turned out to be the smoothest part of the trip and we made it to Indy pretty much on schedule. We also were lucky enough just to miss the worst of the storms of the day. Hail damage on a car sucks. I'm fairly certain it would suck on a bike even more.

Being home is amazing. I love my wife and daughter so much. Again nothing is better then sitting at the dinner with them. It's the best part of the day to just sit there and talk. Madelyn sure has a lot to say sometimes. Mostly about nothing, but just about everything she says is interesting to me.

I started up the training again after a few easy days and all the travel, but then hit a snag. I was struck to the ground by some kind of virus. I spent a full day and half laying on the floor by the bathroom. I'm currently going on my 4th day of diaherrea. I tried training today, but just have no energy still. Must be the massive amount of fluids I'm loosing and the fact I haven't ate much in the last 4 days. I have an awesome race weight now, but with no power it really doesn't matter. Sunny King this weekend (maybe) then next week starts Joe Martin. I need to get better fast!!

Breeze On

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