Saturday, May 18, 2013

Made it to Ireland. The An Post Ras starts tomorrow. Thought I'd give a quick update before I hit the road and either have no Internet or be to tired to write. 

I flew out Monday afternoon to England to meet up at the Astellas European headquarters. As soon as I got off the flight I met up with teammates and we were swept away to Astellas. Upon arrival. Had to unpack my bike hop on the rollers and do an hour spin in front of all the employees. We also fielded questions about cycling and such. They were quite welcoming and it was awesome being able to meet up with some great folks. They do great work!

The following morning we headed back to the airport as we flew to Ireland. We had a few chill days there which were nice. We did some riding found some nice loops. We also tried to entertain ourselves with the Internet but found that tough as everyone back home was sleeping. 

We also found a great restaurant to eat at. You wouldn't think of going to an Italian joint in Ireland but it was by far the best and only option within walking distance. I had the calzone 3 days in a row. It was that good. Matt and Ryan joined me with that the chose the following days. 

Friday afternoon we got to make a visit to Astellasmheadquarters in Ireland. Again everyone was so great. We took some photos and ate lunch together. Again just a great group of people. 

Today we arrived at our first race hotel. After spending a few hours trying to hook the van up to run the washing machine we are finally relaxing and getting the final prep in. Numbers have been pinned and massages have been had. All that is left is getting some sleep breakfast in the morning and having our final race team meeting. 

Wish me luck. I've been feeling really good lately so I'm hoping for good things. Maybe I can have a wee bit of luck as I am a quarter Irish. 

Breeze on

Having an Irish lunch in the pub that was near the hotel. Nice sandwich and soup for the four days. 

At the beach across the street from our hotel. It is a beautiful place. To bad the weather is less then ideal much of the year. Of course that does not stop the locals from swimming in the cold rain and even colder water.