Thursday, June 20, 2013

Broken again..

Well the season for me has hit a bit of snag and at a bad time. During the first stage of Beauce I was involved in a pile up and ended up breaking my collarbone. As soon as I crashed I was pretty certain of what happen. Nevertheless after unbuckling my helmet while on the ground I had Joe buckle it back up for me and give me a push so I could do the last 3.5miles to the finish. You never know and can't start the next day without finishing the previous. That night we made the decision to have  me fly home, otherwise I'd be just sitting there for 7 days. So I got a ride the airport and flew to Michigan ($300 cheaper) and spent some time with my parents. It was a fun few days for sure and always good to see my parents and brother.

Of course there never is a great time to break yourself, but by missing Beauce, Nationals and possibly Cascades that is quite the bummer. Nationals was actually on a course that I thought would suit me and not be a sprinter finish. Oh well I guess that is just the motivation I need to continue.

I did still managed to do some drumming even though one arm was in a sling. I practiced my Def Leppard.

My dad planned a ride for the follow day up in the 'hills' of West Branch for himself and some friends. I routed it out for him like most would do, on the computer, he used the pre 2000 method of paper and highlighter. He could have also used his Garmin 800. 

Some of my moms dogs. I don't want to disclose how many there may or may not be there now, but this may or may not be all of them. You better like dogs to go visit there. 

I asked my brother Josh to drive by while he as working one evening so I could check out his sweet ride. I wanted to go for a ride, but he said since I was a gimp I couldn't. Maybe next time. The stop was brief as he got a call of 15 deer on the road which happened to be 5 blocks away. Serve and Protect!

So the team thought I should go to the ER while in Canada, but I knew they'd just say see a specialist and put it in a sling. So I skipped the middle man and some unnecessary bills and went to the specialist. Of course he didn't tell me anything much different, but did confirm the break. He said I needed to stay off the bike for a while. So I guess the 3 days prior of riding and that 30mile ride to the doctors that day wouldn't have been recommended. 

National Road Race is in 15 days. Maybe.....

Breeze On