Sunday, June 23, 2013


When I was up at my parents this last week after breaking myself in Canada I felt good enough to do an easy spin with my Dad on Fathers Day. Not a much better way to spend an hour together. All was good and we rolled pretty easily which was nice. However that was until we got into town.

My dad had created a kilometer segment on a river front road that was rather smooth and nice. He said someone had taken the segment, so he wanted me to beat that guy. I was like well I don't know I did just break my collarbone and possible ribs 5 days ago. He was like well just try.

So of course not liking to back out of challenge or a wish from my father on Fathers Day, I wound it up slowly out of the stop, or as quickly as I could without being able to stand out of the saddle. With the slight downhill for half I was able to quickly get to my 11 and boar down for the 90second effort. He sat on my wheel for about half the effort, unable to stay on and sprint by at the end to take the segment if we beat the time.

I downloaded the ride upon our arrival home and sure enough I had done just enough to take the segment. I looked at number two on the leader board and chuckled. It wasn't just some other guy who was leading it in fact it was my Dad. He was confused (apparently this happens with old age) as this wasn't the segment that another rider had taken. Oops. Well I didn't take it by much so he just has to wait for the right wind to get out there and take it back. He will just have to wait for another visit before I can take the one he was thinking of.

Breeze On

FYI. I don't search for segments, but segments may get in the way of my intervals. Haha.