Sunday, July 14, 2013

I ended up nervously and with a bit of hesitation starting the road race at nationals. I really loved my chances on the challenging course but really didn't think my body was up for it yet. It is a good thing that I did start as in the neutral section my teammate ended up breaking his cleat off his shoe. Since I wasn't feeling great about racing after it only being 3 weeks I popped off my right show, then the left show as that is the one he needed and handed it over. Glad I could help! Where's the car? 

Madelyn enjoying the hotel pool 

After following the race, helping the guys, thinking about what could have been we loaded up the car and headed for Michigan. It was a late night drive as we finally made it there at 3:30am. Luckily Matt came along and drove the last 90minutes. 

We went to Michigan to visit my family again. It was a great time. We spent a good amount of time at Jacks Bike Shop, went to the candy shop, Grandpa Tonys, fireworks, drummed , went for a ride with my dad to the state park, and ended the weekend with a BBQ with all the family at my brothers new house. It was great seeing everyone. 

Madelyn drumming with Papa Paul. 

Before the fireworks

Madelyn on Papa Pauls shoulders watching the fireworks. 

I love that Madelyn likes Thundercats. That was my favorite growing up. 

So after another late night drive home Sunday night it led to a long week. I had a hard time trying to catch up on sleep. Went out training on Tuesday and felt pretty bad, didn't feel much better Wednesday and ride was shortened due to storms. Felt better on Friday nights ride and decided on it that I should try to do the Indy Criterium the next day. 

So I did a morning spin, and then rode over that afternoon to the race. I felt much better about racing this weekend then last. Also with the wide open course figured it would be easy to cruise out of the mess. Wrong! 

Coming down to 10 to go I decided to start giving it a go. A break had got up the road and then I followed a move to get up to it. Ended up by myself chasing it, and the group up the road exploded and Liebo took off. I caught the other guys who were with him, but didn't get close to Liebo before the field was back on us a couple laps later. Coming into 4 to go I decided I take one more shot off the front before going off the back to stay out of trouble. I was going to wait for the wind section, but never made it as there was massive pile. As I fell I basically slid while holding up my left shoulder. That was scary and luckily I think I may be fine. 

I was testing myself to see if I could join the team this coming week at Prairie State, but thinking now I better wait. After the race I cleaned up, threw the broken stuff in the car and went out to Bru Burger with Katie's Dad and wife Susan, Katie, and Madelyn. Slammed down some nachos, onion rings, salad, and a burger.

Breeze On