Friday, July 05, 2013


Out at nationals in Wisconsin. Came up with the family which is nice. Great to have them around.  But also enjoy that Katie is doing all the bottle duty and feed zone task. Such a huge help!

Here we are headed to the U23 road race first thing Wednesday morning. We weren't even at the race and they were already bored and sleeping.

Zach and Brandon getting ready to race. I was in the car following as director. I got my first fine as well as a director. $50 for a sticky bottle after helping Brandon get back to the caravan after a flat tire with 15km to go. It's a tough call, but you have to help your rider at nationals when there is so little to go. Only helped him get to caravan. Then he was on own to work his way up. 

When I'm not racing it gives me more time to help the younger guys and teach them some things. Apparently I need to start with some basics as to not putting your Garmin on backwards as Brandon had done. 

I thought I was pretty lazy, but the other day after eating lunch instead of having to walk around the capitol building to get back to the hotel the guys decided to walk through it as it would be a short cut. It was actually nice because you could walk in and see it without any problems. It was pretty spectacular, and Maddy enjoyed it.

Madelyn also had a lot more friends to play with. Matt who has been taking some time off enjoyed trading in his cleats for high heals, well at least he didn't mind.

Happy 4th of July

Not sure if I am recovered enough to race from my broken collarbone 3 weeks ago, but I have been ok enough to ride. Since Cortlan was registered for TT and didn't want to do it I'd figured rather then waste the entry I'd go give it a shot. With only clip ons and one good shoulder I did it. I wasn't last, but was no where close to the front. It felt good to make a hard effort again. Oh I however did have aero booties. 

Today is the road race. I've been going back and forth on this one and didn't sleep last night just thinking about it. I can ride and feel ok, but racing in a group of 200 on a challenging course is a completely different thing. It's not like it's my last chance to race ever so I might just skip it and not do anything stupid. 

Breeze On