Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tried racing a 'real' Crit this past week but that wasn't happening. I feel like my shoulder just is sitting at 80%. Repeated hard sprints out of the saddle were not very pleasant.

Luckily the last day of Prairie State was a very wide open 4 corner Crit making it easy on the sprinting. I just tried helping my teammate Brandon retake the overall lead in the series. Unfortunately he came up two points shy. Ryan, Andy and Brandon did great as they were the only ones really representing the whole series. 

I also got to spend some quality time with my friends on Logan's Roadhouse team. You think a 7hr flight and a 6hr time change would slow Birdman down but it didn't. After having an aggressive race he had a beer and was ready to party. 

It was good to have my shadow back. I was starting to think I was a vampire. 

After the last race I took my Canadian teammate Ryan to one of my favorite burger places, Fudruckers. Man was that great.

I rode around the bike path in Elk Grove like 100 times in the 3 days I was up there. After the 50th or so I decided I should take a picture. Some of these guys are massive. This picture would be harder to get in the wild. 

It's been great since I've been back as the weather has been more fall like as opposed to sitting in a sauna. Just laying in the grass with Madelyn the other night was so enjoyable after an exstensive chalk art outing. 

This weekend is local race and next weekend back up to Elk Grove with more laps on the bike path, oh and two races.  Yeehaw

Breeze On