Friday, November 22, 2013

First Week

First week of work at FasCat is almost complete. I have two athletes up and running. I have also been working on some generic training plans. For those looking for just a generic plan to help you reach some great fitness you might be able to get your hands on one. Stay tuned.

I have also enjoyed working with FasCat's coaching director Jason who has helped me fine tune some areas of the workouts. I'm looking forward to being out there and working next to all the great coaches. It's really going to help me which in turn will help my athletes.

Last day at school and everyone had a surprise for me. First it started with Donuts for breakfast before school, then games and popcorn for a 20 minute break, then cake for lunch, and followed with finding this in the classroom. I loved working with everyone there and I'm glad they enjoyed having me. Or they were just happy to see me go?

I did find this book on the bookshelf on the last day. So basically I should be rich soon, as I plan on finding some the lost treasures and gold in Colorado.

Last time clocking out. 

Since I will be leaving after Thanksgiving dinner for Colorado I had to break one of my first rules living with my wife. "No Christmas decorations till after Thanksgiving." So we broke out the decorations and such this past weekend. Madelyn was super excited to find out it was Christmas time, but had to be reminded it was still many sleeps away, not just three as she was hoping. 

Working from home as been pretty comfortable, but I can't wait to be out with everyone else. Plus that honey due list was starting to get pretty tough.

Soon I plan on starting my training again. I almost did last week, but since I'll be away from my family so long I'd rather spend as much time with them. But soon there will be mountains to ride.

Breeze On

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A week later

A lot has changed over the past week. Two really big things, and a bunch of random small things. I'm going to save two of the bigger things for a different blog. What are they? Maybe you know, maybe you don't. But you could keep reading.

I took a week and some off from riding. Sometimes I can't stand not riding, this wasn't one of those times. Maybe because work kept me pretty busy. I did ride one day for an hour. I had planned on starting up this week, but already had my first off day yesterday, so you know that's going well.

The weather has changed dramatically over the past week and half. Before it was 50's and now we've been struggling to get over 40 the last two days. On top of that we got our first dusting of snow. This could either be a long winter, or an early winter which means an early spring. Hoping for the latter..

Also this past weekend was my sister in law's wedding. It's great to officially welcome Brandon to the family. The reception was great and it wasn't my dancing at the end of the night that had everyone talking like at mine, which is nice. My father in law kicked out some sweet moves. I on the other didn't step foot on it, which is best for everyone. My wife also rocked out a speech that included a rap. I should have remembered to video it. Whoops. 

How about my Lions. Could this be their year? My heart says yes, but my previous experiences says don't get your hopes up. This is just a very talented team with things shifting in their favor. We will see, still a long way to go. 

Oh yeah the big news. If you follow me on facebook and twitter you would already be aware. Firstly I accepted a full time coaching position with FasCat Coaching out of Boulder. I've never been so excited about an opportunity before. Secondly I will be racing with Astellas Oncology again which will be taking the next step as a UCI Continental Team. More on all this later. 


Wednesday, November 06, 2013


What a season! It has finally come to an end as it does traditionally on the first Saturday of November at Iceman in northern Michigan. 

Friday afternoon I was planning on doing a quick 1hr ride, 30 minutes out and back on the trail, but after doing the first half mile I decided that I was going to have too much fun riding the Breezer so 
I mine as well ride the whole thing. It was only 30 miles and I don't get to ride off on the trails often. But since getting the Breezer a few weeks ago I haven't been able to stay off them. I also have the same problem before road races as well as I have a tendency to do to much riding the day before races when there is great routes as I just really enjoy riding.

Some two track that Iceman is know for. Gives road racers a glimmer of hope

A little muddy during the preride

The course which is usually sandy, if not covered beneath inches of snow, was wet this time. There were numerous water puddles covering the whole trail, and leaves on the single track. But by race time after 4000 riders took to the course all the leaves were gone and the puddles had either dried up or a clear path had formed around. Even though I've done the race numerous times it is nice to see where everything is again exactly, especially the few challenging hills towards the end. 

My dad who not only is a super nice guy and ace mechanic shown here lubing my bike, but he also is a hell of racer as he completed his 19th Iceman, finishing 14th out of over 100 in his group. 

The weather the next afternoon was sunny and warm enough. If you've done previous versions you could not complain about this years weather. After a stroll for a preride I showed up to the start line 10 minutes early to see that I was the last of the 125 riders to line up and would start from the back of a stacked field. The race would include many previous winners of not only Iceman, but of mountain bike national   championships, including the reigning champion. 

My start of course was bad, but got worse as the race went on. Like in any race you never want to be at the back because nothing good happens there. I couldn't do anything to help myself out of the back. Then after 10 miles I proved that an object in motion stays in motion as my bike hit a stump on a downhill and stopped but I did not. It took a bit of wind out of sails and took to much time to get going again. I found some riders to ride with for a while before going forward on my own for the last 10. The result was nothing to write home about as I've gone faster and done much better, but again it was a great time. 

I think I need to stick to the endurance mountain bike events where I can use my loads of road miles to my advantage. Or just train more off road, whatever...

Breeze On