Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A week later

A lot has changed over the past week. Two really big things, and a bunch of random small things. I'm going to save two of the bigger things for a different blog. What are they? Maybe you know, maybe you don't. But you could keep reading.

I took a week and some off from riding. Sometimes I can't stand not riding, this wasn't one of those times. Maybe because work kept me pretty busy. I did ride one day for an hour. I had planned on starting up this week, but already had my first off day yesterday, so you know that's going well.

The weather has changed dramatically over the past week and half. Before it was 50's and now we've been struggling to get over 40 the last two days. On top of that we got our first dusting of snow. This could either be a long winter, or an early winter which means an early spring. Hoping for the latter..

Also this past weekend was my sister in law's wedding. It's great to officially welcome Brandon to the family. The reception was great and it wasn't my dancing at the end of the night that had everyone talking like at mine, which is nice. My father in law kicked out some sweet moves. I on the other didn't step foot on it, which is best for everyone. My wife also rocked out a speech that included a rap. I should have remembered to video it. Whoops. 

How about my Lions. Could this be their year? My heart says yes, but my previous experiences says don't get your hopes up. This is just a very talented team with things shifting in their favor. We will see, still a long way to go. 

Oh yeah the big news. If you follow me on facebook and twitter you would already be aware. Firstly I accepted a full time coaching position with FasCat Coaching out of Boulder. I've never been so excited about an opportunity before. Secondly I will be racing with Astellas Oncology again which will be taking the next step as a UCI Continental Team. More on all this later.