Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Year

Happy New Year.

It's a New Year, started a new job, living in a new place, and on a new team (sort of)

Like you may have seen I started my new job at FasCat Coaching. I've been looking for opportunities in life and I could not pass up something I've been doing that would be more consistent. Also something I really enjoy. Previously I had took a position as teachers assistant which was every day compared to subbing a few days a week, and loved it. It was hard to leave that, but this was just a great opportunity.

My desk at FasCat. 

Some of my jerseys hung above my desk. Just a reminder of some good years. 

Now I am living in Boulder Colorado, an outdoors-men paradise. When I first came out I stayed with my friend Erik and his roommates Zach and Mike. I was glad they gave me some space before I found something else. Now I'm been staying with a co worker and friend Tucker. We've been rolling Bachelor style. Up ever day around 6am and in bed before 9pm. We will be making the big family move soon and I can not wait till they join me.

My other roomate Arnold. I couldn't get Tucker to take a picture with me. That's just a little much. 

Tucker has some cool things, such as this autographed book of Chuck Norris, with letter of authenticity. 

We've also done some cooking together. This week we've done Burritos and BBQ Chicken in the crock pot. This is our Sweet Potato/Ground Turkey Burritos. 

 Daily drive in with Tucker. I think I'm going to make a flip book. I've taken a picture everyday and the view never gets boring.

As for my 'new' team, it really isn't new at all, it's just that we will be racing this year with pro license. I will not be able to do as much as I have in the past with the new job, but there still is plenty of time to train and do some racing. I'm so glad that Matt and Andrew will let me continue with Astellas as I've been there since the beginning 3 years ago. They have been doing a great job and the roster this year is outstanding. I can't wait to get out there with my old and new teammates.

Even with snow there is plenty of riding to do. 

Evidence of the big flood in August can still be seen. 

The weather here as been pretty decent. Other then some snow the first week I was here in December and the first week when I returned in January. Other then that it's been sunny and mild. No complaints. It could be much worse. The whole city of Indianapolis was closed for like 3 days and still isn't any where near good.

For a while there we were doing hill repeats up Sunshine Canyon before work. Can't wait to get back to doing that once the snow melts. Beats the hell out of the trainer. 

I arrived back in Colorado just in time for the second snowfall of the year. 

Best part of the day though is my nightly calls with Madelyn. The only time I can get her to sit and talk is while ready for bed.

Ok back to work. I lead my first indoor training class. There are going to be 20 riders getting stronger then you now, plus the ones I coach personally. It's the perfect time to get started with a coach, so it's not to late.

Saturday's impromptu indoor class.

Breeze On