Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

I don't know if I will do this every Thursday but today seemed like an appropriate day to do so. This weekend in Colorado is a time trial called, Frostbite. The weather forecast is calling for 30 degrees and snow. That reminded me of Fisk Time Trial in 2001.

The conditions weren't that much better, and probably worse. I remember on the drive over being in white out conditions. Not sure why we kept going but we did show up to the race. Luckily or based on your perspective the snow wasn't sticking hard to the roads so the race went on.

Doing a warm up. Might have gotten a better one by just chilling in the van.

I don't look cold at all. The equipment I was rolling on was pretty sweet. An awesome steel Breezer Venturi with a disc cover and tape to cover up the vent holes.

My Dad making sure his one gear works. At least he didn't have to worry about his shifting freezing. He still seems to prefer to do TT's on fix gears. Not sure why.

Starting in a flurry of action. 

Check out that 'aero' helmet.   

My long time opponent and friend from Michigan who I raced against as a junior and espoir (what they use to call U23) Nathanael Ksiazkiewicz. Maybe if I worked as hard as he did as a junior I would have beat him once before I turned 21. 

Finishing the race. Can't remember the placing or time, but I'm sure my dad as the results saved some where. Of course these would be the mailed to you version as this predated finding races/results on the internet. Probably registered through the mail as well.

Breeze On

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Race Season Started

The racing season has started and it isn't even March yet and my next planned race is still a month away. I love how they squeezed in a great road race in February. Many bets and predictions were made on whether the race would actually happen or be cancelled because of snow, but as luck would have it the snow held off till that night and the race went on with temperatures in the 40's.

This was my first race in Colorado and I was happy to not be racing against the same racers and same teams locally I have for the past 8 years. No more Texas Roadhouse and no more Nuvo, I love those guys, but it's the same thing every race. Come to find out it isn't much different here in Colorado, with two big teams that have very talented rosters along with a splattering of other successful riders.

The break of the day almost ended up going in the first 3 miles as the teams were content. Luckily one rider dropped a chain on the climb and there were enough other individuals strong enough and willing to help close the gap on the 2nd of 4 laps. But not much later the same thing happen another group with good representation and time to sit up. The last two laps were filled with trying to make up for missing it and coming up 5 riders and 30 seconds short. I felt good but there is plenty of training to do between now and Redlands and that is why I also rode the 30 miles there and back.

I've also been using my new toy a lot.

St. Vrain Canyon

Wondervu, CO on Coal Creek Canyon 

Indoor Cycling Class at FasCat still going strong. 2 more weeks. 

I'm not going to talk about this one but it's almost normal.

My favorite thing from my Valentines Care Package is a painting from Madelyn. She not only wrote her name, but also wrote "I love you." It's the best gift ever. I have hit hanging above my desk at work.

Stilling waiting on my new bike for the year. Not that anything is wrong with my current bike, it is always great to have a new toy. I am also very excited about being on a Litespeed this year. There will plenty to come on that as soon as it arrives, most likely next week! 

Breeze On

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Sorry.. My Bad

I spoke to soon about liking winter and have made a few coworkers upset. They seem to feel it is my fault for the bad weather. The only good news is that there does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Or to say favorable weather conditions in the 10 day forecast. It could be worst of course as I could be in Indy still and there hasn't be a light at the end of any tunnel over there. I'm fairly certain they are just hoping for some upper 20's and dry weather, which even at that seems hard to come by this winter.

Quite the temperature change from the last time I checked in. I will not be held accountable though.

My last ride outside before the first of a few good snowfalls in the past week. A week later and it's all been indoors and will continue most likely through the weekend. 

So we've been stuck inside for about a week now. It really hasn't be awful, especially for me since I had a recover week last week which included a trip back home with no bike.

My trip back home was a surprise for my wife and also Madelyn. It was my wife's 30th birthday. My father in law and dad bought me a plane ticket to come home for the weekend. My father in law also planned a surprise birthday party for her Saturday night. She was quite surprised by both. It was a great trip and party. I'm glad I was there for it. I remember when my wife threw my surprise 30th party and it was awesome. My dad and brothers even made it down as a surprise.

Getting in some much needed Disney Princess playtime with Madelyn. 

It was harder to leave this time around as the trip was just to short. I can not wait for them to come live out here. However it does look like I will be able to work from home for some time before the baby comes which will be nice.

The only problem I had coming back was that I landed in Denver at 4:15 pm, which was 10 minutes before the Super Bowl which Denver happened to be in. Whoops. No problem as I knew I could make it to the boss's Super Bowl party by halftime after catching the bus. Even though I did show up during halftime the game was already over, and if it wasn't by the start of the 2nd half it was after the kickoff was returned. The only good thing however was that there still were pizza, wings, and peanut butter chocolate balls left. So it wasn't a total lost.

Dug up some things from my storage unit to prepare for the game. Non of which made it out of my bag.

My Super Bowl attire. Hopefully one day the Lions will be in it. 

A week of trainer time now. It's better then the month they've been doing back home. Also this weekend I'm attending the Training Peaks University so that should keep me busy for a while.

Riding rollers at FasCat. The atmosphere is a lot better then the living room back home so that's a plus. 

Our daily commute has been less then pleasant as well with the bad weather. The average 25 minute drive took nearly an hour and half today. 

Breeze On