Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Race Season Started

The racing season has started and it isn't even March yet and my next planned race is still a month away. I love how they squeezed in a great road race in February. Many bets and predictions were made on whether the race would actually happen or be cancelled because of snow, but as luck would have it the snow held off till that night and the race went on with temperatures in the 40's.

This was my first race in Colorado and I was happy to not be racing against the same racers and same teams locally I have for the past 8 years. No more Texas Roadhouse and no more Nuvo, I love those guys, but it's the same thing every race. Come to find out it isn't much different here in Colorado, with two big teams that have very talented rosters along with a splattering of other successful riders.

The break of the day almost ended up going in the first 3 miles as the teams were content. Luckily one rider dropped a chain on the climb and there were enough other individuals strong enough and willing to help close the gap on the 2nd of 4 laps. But not much later the same thing happen another group with good representation and time to sit up. The last two laps were filled with trying to make up for missing it and coming up 5 riders and 30 seconds short. I felt good but there is plenty of training to do between now and Redlands and that is why I also rode the 30 miles there and back.

I've also been using my new toy a lot.

St. Vrain Canyon

Wondervu, CO on Coal Creek Canyon 

Indoor Cycling Class at FasCat still going strong. 2 more weeks. 

I'm not going to talk about this one but it's almost normal.

My favorite thing from my Valentines Care Package is a painting from Madelyn. She not only wrote her name, but also wrote "I love you." It's the best gift ever. I have hit hanging above my desk at work.

Stilling waiting on my new bike for the year. Not that anything is wrong with my current bike, it is always great to have a new toy. I am also very excited about being on a Litespeed this year. There will plenty to come on that as soon as it arrives, most likely next week! 

Breeze On