Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Year Ago

What a difference a year makes? A year ago today I was in a van driving to Redlands, California with Matt Green and Andy Buntz. We didn't exactly start from Indianapolis as the previous weekend we were in southern Florida which we had driven to the week before. But anyways...

We ended up stopping here in Boulder, Colorado for some mountain training and take a few days rest from the drive. At that time I had no idea I would be living there in a year. I could have dreamed it, but could never really imagine it being a possibility.

We also picked up Erik Hamilton in Boulder who was guess riding for us at Redlands. Now he is our mechanic. We will now have the fastest mechanic.

Andy checking on the route. Yup still a long way to go!

Matt and Andy watching a movie to help pass some of the 30 +hours

Obligatory picture of the arch heading west. 

Riding i n Boulder. Lefthand canyon. One of the best roads.
But with the recent huge floods half the road has been washed away
and is mostly dirt in a few mile section. The people up here
have went through a lot with the destruction. 

Riding up Lee Hill. Just over my shoulder is where
I work. I've now done this climb numerous times

Stopping for pictures on the drive.

Now instead of leaving a week before Redlands I am flying out hours before the start. I will be flying out Tuesday night and racing Wednesday early afternoon. This last weekend in Boulder will be busy. My wife is flying in with her father and we are looking at places to live, daycare, doctors, schools, and etc. I also have the FasCat Athlete Training Camp Friday thru Sunday. Then I want to finish off some work on Monday and be ready to go straight back to Indianapolis after Redlands and prepare for the birth of my second child.

Breeze On


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