Wednesday, March 05, 2014


I've been having a bit bad luck with the flat tire department. Can't even blame the tire or wheel as they have happen on two different sets.

It all started two weeks ago when I was going to go for an easy ride. Well I grabbed my bike and it had a rear flat. No worries, it happens so I fixed it and headed out. Well I flatted the front wheel about halfway into my ride. So it wasn't my day. The next day I headed out for a long ride and flatted again. It wasn't my weekend.

Then I went a week and had no issues and that was until the weekend. I was riding the rollers and flatted. How does that even happen? It was an hour into it. Oh well. So I changed it. Again these were different tires and wheels.

Yesterday I flatted a front wheel after an hour of riding. I pumped up the tire with a new hand pump I got and it felt good. I compared it to the rear and the rear felt low. Huh. So I thought I'd put a little air in the rear. My new fancy pump threads on to the valve and when I unscrewed it the valve core came with it. Not it was completely flat. I screwed it back in and pumped it up. Good to go!

So I rolled to the climb where I was going to do some intervals and after the first 3 minute effort I noticed my rear felt low. I stopped and sure enough it had a slow leak. As hard headed as I can be sometimes I figured I'd finish my set of intervals and then re pump. So I continued on with 2 more efforts and then re pumped. Of course the valve core came out again, but then worked the second time.

I went down and really wanted one more set so I flipped it and headed back up. After the first one I noticed it was quite a bit flatter so I should pump up and just head back to work. Again valve core came out after first pump. A guy I knew rolled by and asked if I needed anything. I yelled a tube. He said that is the only thing he didn't have. Ugh. So pump, pump, pump.

I got off the hill and headed for work and again being hard headed decided to do another effort. I couldn't get quite to 3 minutes before my rim was bouncing off pot holes and bumps. Pump, pump, pump, valve core out, and re pump. I went through that one more time just to finish of the final 3 miles of the ride, but made it back.

Soon enough I should get my new team bike, wheels, tires and tubes and hopefully this all ends. Hopefully I get there without to many more issues. I am putting my road morph back on my bike. Best frame pump ever.

Breeze On


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