Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last Weekend

This past weekend was my last quiet weekend. From here on in it will be good times. My roommate Tucker went away for Spring Break so I had the place to myself. It was the weekend of Jake. It sort of reminded me of an old Seinfeld episode, "The Summer of George" (watch from 1 minute in)


I could walk around naked, watch what I wanted on TV, eat Oreos and not be judged, and drink milk straight from the carton. Of course the only one of those things I did was eat Oreos. 

I dropped Tucker off at the airport on Wednesday and had his car to get back and forth to work while he was gone. I was able to rock out to some sweet music. This is still one of my favorites. 

On that day my new kits came in. I love getting new clothes. They look pretty similar to last year but at least this year we did get tall socks. Thanks Matt for getting that correct this year! Got to hide those kankles. Thanks to Pactimo again for providing us with stellar kits. 

So what did I exactly do for my free weekend. Well Saturday the weather wasn't conducive to training. I was able to sneak out early before the snow and do a quick hour. Well I didn't beat the snow as the last 20 minutes it had started, but I did beat getting wet and that is all that really matters. After the ride I couldn't think of a better lunch to have then one of my favorites growing up, grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

I think I was in bed by 8 pm just watching TV. The ride and lunch were the exciting part of my day, neither of which were really exciting.  

Sunday I was able to get out for a longer ride which was nice. It got pretty warm. I was going to ride to Boulder do a climb or two and then check out the local criterium. Well I got on Lefthand Canyon, one of the long climbs and just decided to go all the way to the top. Once on the top I could cut across on the Peak to Peak Highway to Coal Creek which would take me downhill 25 miles to home. 

Once up  on the Peak to Peak  at 9,000 feet the temperature was quite a bit colder but luckily I had the proper clothes with me. Again I was riding in snow, but it was just from the blowing so not to bad. I stopped in Nederland for some drinks and a Snickers. When I unclipped this happend. 

My Speedplay cleat had ripped out of the plastic piece that holds it to the shoe. Uh now what? I'm kind of far from everything and everybody. Even though I was 18 miles from Boulder, it was 18 miles downhill. I knew Jason was racing the criterium and it was a late start, so I figured if I could get there he'd be able to give me ride. So I headed down the canyon. I could get my cleat to hold a bit in my show if I didn't move to much. But I couldn't stop pedaling. Every time my foot came off the pedal I would tell myself to stop pedaling you dueche. But then I would continue pedaling. This went the whole way down. 

Eventually I was able to make it to the race and Jason gave me a ride home. After showering and making chicken tacos the weekend was over. The last weekend of nothing was basically that. I can't wait for the next few weekends. FasCat athlete camp, Redlands, home, Winston Salem, maybe Joe Martin or Gila, New Baby! and that takes me to the first weekend of May. Lots to come

Breeze On 


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