Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Bike

My new team bike finally arrived after a few hold ups. I still get so excited about a new bike. I mean who wouldn't be. There is nothing wrong with my current bike at all. It is a top of the line Fuji frame with Ultegra Di2, but it's almost a year old so time to move on.

Besides with the Astellas Cycling Team we have a new 3 year sponsor with Litespeed. It has been a great partnership so far and I look forward to working with them and racing on their bikes. I had planned on racing on their T5 titanium road bike, but with them being out of stock I went with the L1R. After my first ride around the block I realized I am going to be very happy with this bike. Check them out here. Litespeed is known for their Titanium bikes but they have stepped into the carbon market with some great technology. It even includes helping with making the Mars Rover. So I think it should be just fine here on Earth.

Last night I went out for a ride after work with Tucker for the maiden voyage. It was a nice easy ride but was good to get a feel for the bike. Tucker was worried about riding with me on a new bike and thinking I'd be constantly stopping and making adjustments. Clearly he doesn't know me at all. Anytime anyone made adjustments for me starting with my Dad they asked how it feels and I would 99% of the time say, "Good."  I made my measurements as I set it up and it would be good to go. Well I was wrong. I did make an adjustment to lower the saddle a bit, but I made that after the ride.

Today we went out and it was bit cooler. We went up Coal Creek which may have not been the best option with the potential of some weather moving in. I was closing in on the Peak to Peak Highway and a bit of flurry action got a bit heavier. Instead of being some kind of nut job I flipped it. I saw blue sky so knew I made the right decision. After the small hill up to the big decent off Coal Creek I saw that the clouds looked like they were moving in. Soon enough it was snowing. Then the roads were beginning to be covered in snow. I knew it would be warmer at the bottom, but I had to get there. I also knew the mile marker at the bottom was 11 but I was at 17. Oh crap 6 miles of this! Luckily it's a fairly straight forward decent and around mile marker 13 it was just wet and by 11 it was dry roads. With cold and wet feet the only option was to head straight for home. It did continue to flurry and the wind was picking up so it was good time to stop.

In bigger news just found out my roomate doesn't read blogs. What's the point of writing a blog if one of my biggest fans doesn't even read the blog. He was pretty happy to point out that he is now a published writer as his Training Tip made it onto Training Peaks. I informed him I've been a published writer for years now with my blog. 

In the biggest news my teammates have been doing pretty well racing in Arizona. Last weekend they got a 4th place finish in the Old Pueblo Crtierium and then today they had two in the top 10 and one moved up to 4th overall in the Tucson Bicycle Classic. Hopefully they finish of the stage race strong tomorrow and get on that podium. 

Breeze On


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