Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Time maybe....

Not quite sure what season it is in Boulder. It seems to be some type of hybrid that I've never encountered before. Well at least repeatedly in a pattern. One day it is 20's and snowing and the next it is 60. Heck you could wake up to 30's and snow on the ground and by evening it will be dry and 60's.

Two examples. Friday it snowed all day and into the night (luckily not much stuck to the pavement) by mid day Saturday it was dry and 50's and on Sunday everyone was getting sun burnt in the 70 degree weather.

This morning I rode and it was almost 50 and as I write this blog at noon it is 35 and snowing. Crazy. No complaints though as there have been only a few days on the trainer recently instead of weeks / months.

Riding on Sunday and Monday in shorts and a jersey. So comfortable and enjoyable.

There was suppose to be criterium race this past weekend but it was cancelled due to the snow from the day / night before. Almost everyone knew it would be cancelled as there was no way it would be cleared up by 7:30 am (start of first race), but Tucker went ahead and made his bike race ready. I just took pictures and ate a peanut butter and jelly while he wasted his time. But like I said by the afternoon the weather was great and it turned out to be a great day for a bike ride.

After Sunday's ride Tucker and met up with some of my old college friends and their significant others, Swain and Royal. Man that was a great time. The Swains were in town on vacation while the Royals moved to Denver years ago. It was great catching up and talking a bit about the past. Tucker got to hear about how great Marian College was and the education we received. I think once he heard about the rock test he knew we went to a quality institution. 

Just a nice picture of the sun shining and the snow capped mountains. 

The Astellas boys are down at team camp in Arizona and I'm missing out. I like seeing all the updates and pictures and feel like I'm missing out. Looks like they are having a good time. Only a few more weeks till Redlands and I get to meet up with them. 

The good news is my new Litespeed bike is on the way. The bad news is for some reason it was sent to Wyoming, Michigan first by accident and had to return to Chicago before heading out this way. It should be here Thursday. Pictures and review to follow. 

Breeze On


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