Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Redlands starts tomorrow!

Things are a little different this year. Last year I had left a two week long training camp and showed up to Redlands a few days early. This year I will be showing up a few hours before. Last year I did a pre race ride on the Sunset Course. This year my pre race ride was our lunch ride at work. Although I do have to say the ride was pretty awesome and we even stopped for lunch afterwards! Last year we picked up Erik Hamilton to guess ride for us. This year he is our mechanic. Last year it was 4 stages this year it is 5. My mind is blown!

I can't wait to meet my new teammates for the first time at the breakfast table tomorrow or even not until the pre race meeting an hour before the start. Luckily with our new Youtube page I know what they look and sound like.

Our unofficial team photo last year on the Sunset course. 


In the break at Redlands my first year as a pro

I can't believe with how long I've been racing that I've only done Redlands twice. I did it my first year as a pro and last year. I'm really looking forward to the Sunset Loop Road race this year. It is one of the better race course of the year. Hopefully the training and living at altitude has helped.

You can watch Saturdays criterium and the finish of the Sunset Loop this weekend on Velonews. >>

Frank has seemed to be worried that I haven't done any races this year before. He must have forgot I did the Carter Lake Road Race on February 23rd. Also every ride I do is like a race just as Tucker. Wish us luck.

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