Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June 28th / 29th Weekend Review

Something new coming to my blog. I'm really hoping to find time to do this. As I have started coaching full time I have a lot of athletes accomplishing big goals. I'd really like to share most of these as they have worked very hard to accomplish these. Being half way through the year there already have been many, but I guess I will just have to start now.

This past Saturday was the Colorado State Time Trial Championships. I had a few athletes take part with quite some success. In the Masters Category 4 45+ Terry G. finished on the podium in 3rd place and Kevin E. had a strong ride as well with a top 10 finish in the 36 rider field. Then in the Category 3 race John G. finished in 2nd place, he was only 30 seconds off the pace in the 40km race. He improved on his time from last year by 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Another event this weekend in Colorado was more then a race, it was for Charity. It was the MS150 ride. The route took riders from Denver up into Fort Collins. I had a couple of riders doing this. One was Steve S. Not only was this his first every century, but he completed it in 5.5 hours! He had only planned on doing the Buff Classic in August as a goal. He started just riding last year and actually got the bug to race this year and has completed in two races of late. The other rider to complete the ride was Earl T. His goal was to be faster then last year and not get dropped by his friend. He is in his 60's and his goal was to finish Saturday's ride in under 8 hours. Not only did he do that, but he did it in under 6.5 hours! Earl's big goal is a few weeks with completing the Mt. Evans Hill Climb in under 3 hours, which he as been within 10 minutes of in training twice this year.

Another rider of mine, Kevin K., had a goal of competing in the Blood Sweet and Gears. It is a 100 mile ride in North Carolina. He had been doing great in training and making improvements after coming back from an injury in March. Unfortunately he came down with a sickness the week before and wasn't a 100% came the day of the event. He still managed to fight through it to finish strong.

Across the pond I have been working with an athlete, Erik L. who's goal was competing in a 200 km team race. Their goal was to finish the race in under 5.5 hours. Not only did they break that time by 19 minutes but Erik was one of the strongest on the team. He has been absolutely killing the training. He has one of the new Garmin Virb cameras and has sent me a few videos of him training over there. They have been pretty neat.

Eric appears to be all smiles crossing the line. 

Closer to home Michael J. finished just off the podium in 4th place in a criterium in California. He is one race away from getting his Cat 4 upgrade. 

There are endurance riders then their are true endurance riders. Mike J. is a different type of athlete then I am use to coaching. He is into off road, gravel endurance racing. His longest event this year was nearly 400 miles and he completed it in just over 40 hrs, only a couple of those were sleeping. This past weekend was a short event for him at 180 miles. He ended finishing on the podium in 3rd place. 30 riders started the event and only 6 were able to complete it. 

Here is Mike at the finish. Apparently it was pretty muddy in the beginning. 

If you thought racing two crits in one day was challenge try doing a 40km individual time trial and a 40 km team time trial in one day. That is exactly what Scott Bromstead did. In his 40km time trial he was able to finish 5th in his age group. On the day he had done 80 km's of time trialing! That is a quick way to 180 TSS. 

Lot's of good racing to come from my FasCat athletes with some big goals coming up. The big ones this month include the Salida Omnium, Silver Rush 50 and Mt. Evans Hill Climb. Of course there are others and a few goals to be reached. Great job guys and keep up the hard training! 

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