Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shoveling Snow Out East and Winning Bike Races Out West

I can almost sum up my athletes into 3 categories right now:

1. Those who can ride daily and are winning races
2. Those who get a bad day once a week
3. Those who haven't seen pavement in months

My athletes out in California continue with their success as their racing season is in full swing now. Sumer A was able to pull out a win in her women's race that had 57 participants! That is a big women's field! Then Lance C was able to help a teammate secure victory this weekend as cycling is a big team sport. Great job!

A few of my athletes that have been stuck inside have been crushing it as well. Mike J rode 8 hours on the trainer this weekend!! I didn't recommend that, but he knew what he needed as he has been stuck indoors quite a bit this year and he has some long endurance events coming. And by long I mean days in a row with very little sleep. I'm still convinced he is a bit crazy. Then Eric U who lives out in New England spent twice that much time shoveling snow as it seems like it will never end! How bad it is it out East? My athlete Chad W who refused to buy a trainer caved in and finally got one after two years and he has been on it a number of times now.

Then I have Colorado athletes who seem to get a bit upset about some of the bad weather they have been getting. Now I know some of it has been bad timing with it showing up on the weekends, but I'm also sure that most of them have gotten their cycling tans  started.

As for myself I'm back on the train, well rollers after another long hiatus. I didn't see any light at the end the tunnel, meaning riding indoors everyday and I just don't have the motivation or will power for that. But now I am feeling it, even though the forecast isn't great. Spring can't be that far now. Can it? My athletes have been doing it, so maybe I should step up as well.

I'm approaching that 30 CTL. Maybe by the end of next week? We will see. All riding will have to be done indoors. Luckily I got hooked up with Zwift Island and I can cruise on that. That keeps me pretty motivated and it helps also break up intervals by having lap goals. Still been playing a bit with it, but it's pretty awesome I was also able to ride with a few of my riding buddies here in town from the comfort of my home.

I'm up front, my buddy James right behind me and Ian catching up. Apparently their is something called the Zwift affect where you ride harder because you are racing others, doing KOM's, Sprints, and etc and get caught up in it, Yeah it's true. Been there. I was even so excited about getting it that the first night I got on in my underwear just before bed to test it out. I found myself sprinting for a KOM once I realized what was going on. 

Breeze On

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FasCat Victory Board

My athletes are off to a fast start this year.

Chris M has started off the year fast, literally! He has won his first 3 races of the season! That takes me back to 2003, my first collegiate road season, when I finished my first 7 races in second place. He is doing much better with 3 W's! Great job Chris!

Photo of Chris following one of many attacks on the day of his latest win. 

Lance C. also got a win this past weekend. His main focus is on the road, but he was able to pull out a win in a mountain bike race for his age group and 4th overall! 

Also I haven't updated in a while, but I had another athlete overseas finish off the Tour of Sufferfest. This is a nine day event where you do all the Sufferfest Videos like as stage race. These are tough enough to do once a week! He was able to ride at the proper percentages for all the efforts, which isn't easy. It turned out to be a lot of anaerobic work and finish days off with an IF higher then .9 Great job Erik L.!!

Lot's of good things coming this year for my FasCat athletes. All of them have put in the hard work this winter when nobody notices or sees it. Now all that hard work is about to come out and be shown! 

Breeze On!