Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Lowell 50

GRAVEL RACING!! First race gravel race for me this past weekend with the Bissell ABG Giant boys. Unfortunately I forget my GoPro so no cool video, but some pictures.

Gravel racing is different than road racing. There really aren't teams, well other than ours at the moment, most of the time the field is much bigger filled with riders of all abilities, even when drafting it's still difficult because of the resistance of the terrain, and seems the pace is more likely always on a bit.

Our plan was to be patient and let the race come to us. Well we raced like a road race and had riders in any moves that went up the road which was good. Made everyone else work more. Just at the end we didn't finish it off well. Personally I should have tried an attack coming towards the end, but not knowing the course and best spot made me a bit hesitant. That also played a roll into us not being in the right spot for the finish which came up fast! Karl finished 3rd and I was 5th overall. He won his age category, I was third in my age category and Beebe was 3rd in his. 

Not knowing the course is pretty fun when racing gravel, you have no idea what could be around the next corner. One moment we were going 40 mph downhill on pavement before taking a right hand on a path that was slightly uphill and a soft surface that sucked the bike down. Pre riding Barry saw the famous Sager Rd. could only imagine the joy to come not knowing about that in the race.

After the race there was beer, donuts, and bbq sandwiches. Can't remember the last time I did a criterium where there was this much going on afterwards. Gravel racing is where it is at. I think the whole time out there for the 50 miles we saw 3 cars.

I'm already looking forward to the next one! Next up for the team will be Barry Roubaix this Saturday which we pre road Sunday.

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